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Mk-677 Nutrobol 30ml 30mg- Ibutamoren

research studies only.

For updated studies please contact us . we will have blog forms available in near future.

Consulting fees has been enabled for all customers that want to purchase time or research information.


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14 reviews for NUTROBAL MK-677

  1. Jordan K.

    Legit product
    Legit product

  2. Gilly

    Great Service/ products com
    Been ordering for a year now. Excellent products, service, and owners are extremely open and helpful

  3. Andre B.

    Mk 677
    Started a week ago and appetite does go up and started feeling more energetic. Haven’t felt any unpleasant side effects. Feel like I have more toning on my muscles since I feel less soreness the next day. So far so good! Can’t Wait to see the long term. Even though I eat more I don’t feel bloated (even if I do visit the washroom more often, LOL)..Read more about review stating Mk 677.

  4. Andrew B.

    Month and a half on it
    Here we go, hunger did not go down that much, still taking about15 mg a day. You do have to watch what you’re eating and follow your macros. Technically I should have lost 5 pounds this month and a half, but gained 10 lbs. but seriously, waist line is the same but gained 1/4 inch on biceps and chest/ shoulder area are wider (coat is tighter, and tRead more about review stating Month and a half on ithe pumps are crazy!). So there you go.

  5. Matt L.

    2 weeks in
    I’ve been taking it for almost 2 weeks now. Fluid retention started at about day 3 or 4, but is mostly gone now. I’d wake up with poofy face, was more annoying than anything.
    The biggest benefit I’ve noticed so far is improved healing. The whole reason I started it was to deal with training injuries. I’ve been doing some pretty vigorous trainRead more about review stating 2 weeks ining over the last few months and injuries were starting to hold me back. My training consists of Jiu-Jitsu 4-6 days per week, weights 3-5 days per week and running once or twice a week. Some days would be multiple training sessions per day and my body just wasn’t keeping up. I’m 35yo. For sure I am not listening to my body and there is a factor of overtraining but mentally I was feeling so good from pushing myself to the absolute limit that I wanted to see if there was anything exogenous that would help me recover faster. I would have to say the mk-677 is helping that. The injuries that were bothering me before starting it are now not bothering me and any new injuries that seem like they’re going to set me back just seem to heal up in a couple days rather than a couple weeks. It’s actually pretty awesome. The type of injuries I’m referring to are things like shin splints from running, tennis elbow/golfers elbow that flares up whenever I roll Jiu-Jitsu, a nagging shoulder issue that flares whenever I bench heavy. None of these things seem to be holding me back now. I can still feel them, but they’re manageable now. So far I’m satisfied. Will be buying another bottle.
    For the first 10 days or so I was taking 0.25ml in the morning and 0.75ml in the evening. (Bottle is 30mg/ml) When the fluid retention was bad I decreased to 0.25ml AM and 0.5ml PM for a couple days I’m now at 0.25ml AM and 1ml PM.
    I will say that it did seem to really increase my appetite for the first 2 weeks as well but that might be going away a bit now. For the last 6 months I have been doing intermittent fasting – I would eat between 12-7pm every day and fast the rest. With mk-677 it was basically impossible to fast. I would take my dose at night and within an hour would be scouring the house for munchies. Same in the morning, but possibly bit milder? I would take my dose in the morning (8am) and then go to work. By 10:30 or 11am I was ravenous and found it difficult concentrate. So I changed my diet style and decided to go for “dirty bulking” in the hopes that the extra gh my body was working with will help keep me somewhat lean. When my mk cycle is complete (8-12 weeks) I’ll go back to strict intermittent fasting. I also just thought that the idea of giving my body a surplus of nutrients all the time might help with the injuries.

  6. Evan S.

    Awesome stuff
    Awesome stuff

  7. michael m.

    Great service and great product!
    Great service and great product!

  8. paul r.

    Great results!!!

  9. Jakob J.

    As Advertised
    Product is as advertised. Works well

  10. Marie-Eve D.

    MK 677
    Fast shipping and great quality product.

  11. François L.

    Fast shipping, good product
    Fast shipping, good product

  12. anddy c.

    It take a while to see result at least 2 months so I will be patient and keep on taking it and resupply when needed so far no problems or weird reaction from I ll keep you guys posted

  13. Liam J.

    Awesome stuff
    I ordered MK677 and it was delivered within 2 days, and it is great. Hunger is up and I’m gaining weight, pretty much everything you’re said to expect from the MK. Will 100% be ordering from THE-SARM again!!

  14. Joseph M.

    The Wait
    paid express and got shipment a week later. mot impressed

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